The good and bad news about expectations


When set too high
They can be achieved. But too high for too long leads to stress and burnout.

When set too low
They can also be achieved. But too low for too long is de-motivating and can lead to atrophy.

This indicates the best expectations are challenging yet attainable.

7 Reasons People Leave the Church

  1. Culture is overprotective
  2. Sex is “repulsive”
  3. Anti-Science
  4. Exclusive peer groups
  5. Doubts aren’t spoken of
  6. Church seems shallow
  7. Lifestyle is too rigid

1 tip to be a good teacher

Reward the positive.

The greatest teachers point out, share, or reward positive behaviors. They focus on them.

Think about your favorite school teacher. Why are they your favorite? Because they nagged and corrected your negative behavior all the time? Or because they helped you discover your positive strengths and abilities?