Waiting is Hard [Sermon Notes]

“After Shepherds Went Home” Part 1
Pr. Ed Baker


First Line: Live camel in the nativity, didya see that? Fell into pew. That’s why we don’t do that…

Post-Xmas depression
> Listed many post xmas things we do…

How about Mary and Joseph’s “after Xmas”?

Mary and Joseph did the things the law required.

  • 8th day circumcision
  • Mary “unclean”
  • Joseph too, if he helped deliver baby
  • Firstborn was to be God’s, go to temple to dedicate child to Lord
  • Luke 2:21-38

Talking about Anna

  • 82 yrs old
  • Lived in the temple complex
  • Prophetess

What if you committed to give the gift of praying for someone, by name, every single day? What a huge gift and a difference maker.

Talking about Simeon

  • Anticipated the Messiah (anointed one)
  • “Christ” is anointed one in Greek
  • Many ppl had given up on Messiah. Simeon did not. He prayed for it over and over
  • God revealed to Simeon that he would see the Messiah personally in his lifetime
  • It happens. God tells Simeon “this is it” and Simeon is “ready to die” for he had seen the Savior.

Waiting is hard…isn’t it?

Suggestions for waiting

  • To make sure what you are waiting for is of God.
  • Many things that God promises are not for us.
  • Remember, God always does what is good and what is wise.

If you’re struggling in a waiting game with God, read Psalm 40

Let’s live lives of faithful prayer and faith

Joseph the Father [Sermon Notes]

“The Story: Joseph the Father”
Tim Boettger

Joseph didn’t know God’s call for his life, then he learned it.

42 generations from Abraham to birth of Messiah.

  • About 5,000 yrs
  • Waiting…waiting…waiting

Observations of Joseph

  • Righteous man who wanted to do what’s right according to Mosaic Law.
  • He also had a heart of compassion towards ppl
  • He has a tension to manage… The right thing to do in that situation was not obvious.

Joseph quietly discerned when learning about Mary being pregnant.

Joseph’s call

  • To be a husband to Mary
    • Being a husband is a huge calling
  • To be an earthly father to Jesus

The call of a Father cannot be understated.

40 pct of the kids in the U.S. that are living at home do not have a father present

Marriage is the foundation to a successful society.

1. What happened in Joseph’s life after Jesus’ birth?

Step into the Plan & Change Perspective [Sermon Notes]

Ed Baker
Orchard Hill Church

Ed had to talk b/c Tim’s stranded in Wisconsin

First Line: Sundays like this (bad weather) separate the sheep from the goats 🙂 good job guys!

2 things in my life I’ve been thinking about:

  1. Reviewing/memorizing the story of Jesus’ birth
  2. End of Matthw from men’s Bible study: the end of his life

Both of those have MARY in common.

  • How much choice did Mary have in this?
  • Then, do we have a choice? Or is it giving into God? (Kinda like when Sally forced me to marry her…)

I felt like God wore me down to become a pastor. Ed didn’t want to, God kept pushing toward that.  Finally, Ed said, “I surrender.”

Who surrenders? –> Losers do.
> Is that how we are w/God, then? Losers?

NO. I don’t think so. We can STEP into the PLAN for god

4 ways to be able to ‘step into the plan’ and change perspective.

  • 1. The problem comes b/c we fail to see the big picture
    • Mary and Joseph: had to see the big pic
    • The big pic: Jesus will be great. He will reign forever.
    • Suddenly, Mary sees her part as just a small pc to the jigsaw puzzle
    • We’ve gotta have that ‘God mindset’ to help us see thta big pic and trust Him
    • This happens in Acts 7. The church exploded. Disciples didn’t know what to do, lots of peeps. Stephen was one of 7 deacons appointed to help the church. Jews accused him of blasphemy. Stephen was stoned by Jews. Meanwhile, witnesses put their clothes by Saul.
    • Saul’s heart was softened my this event of seeing Stephen die with pure love, joy, and dedication for Jesus.
    • Wow. Ya gotta see the big pic. Stephen is great, yet his death will spurn Saul and his voice will lead the church.
  • 2. We cannot underestimate that God wants to use everything for good
    • Statement:  God does everything that he does for good. Do you believe that?
    • That’s a core pronciple of God’s.
    • Even I, as a simple being, try to make good out of everything. Why wouldn’t God?
    • (Shares personal stories of trying to do good things for Sally)
    • I try to do good things and fail sometimes. God is good at his core and is always able to accomplish the good that he sets out to do.
    • God wants to accomplish something SO GOOD through Mary and Joseph. That’s what the angel tells Joseph.
    • Joseph “I believe that thru this tough event, God is going to be good.”
    • In the situation, God works to bring out good.
    • *These 2 ideas are held in tension.
  • 3. We will never be able to overestimate the love that God has for us.
    • God loves you with an infinite love. More than you can know.
    • Sometimes, I think that Mary and Joseph could have thought that someone ‘had it out for them’
    • Not true, the angel said that Mary had found favor with God.
    • Like the dentist…Ed had 20 cavaties after not going for 7 yrs. The dentist stinks, but even he is doing well for ya
    • There are times when we have to say ‘I don’t understand, but I KNOW God loves me.’
  • 4. I think we need to realize that SURRENDER IS NOT SOMETHING YOU ONLY DO ONCE.
    • Do you think Mary had surrender more than just once?
    • EVERYDAY: “No matter what this day holds, I surrender it to you.”

1. What’s something that you need a perspective change?
2. What is something you need to surrender today?

God is Planting Seeds in Your Life Right Now [Sermon Notes]

“The Story: Mary the Mother”
Tim Boettger

There is a story we’re working on right now. Our story of what we want for Xmas, what we’re buying for people.

Avg Am fam will spend $2500 in gifts alone this year.

Stories of Santa, Grinch, Charlie Brown.  And then the real story…Jesus.

Luke 1-2

  • Luke was hired by Theophilus to gain the accounts and certainties about Jesus. Luke was a physician.
  • Angel Gabriel came to Zecheriah to say that his wife Elizabeth will have baby. Zech doesn’t believe it. Mute for 9 mos.
  • God sent Angel Gabriel to Nazareth. Nazareth was tiny during this time. 50-100 ppl maybe. Gabriel went to see Mary to share the miracle to have a baby.

Observations of Mary

  • Poor, hard-working
  • Normal human being like you and me
  • Young. Think teenager
  • Virgin. Pledged to marry Jodeph (descendant of David)
  • ….settle in on this, Mary was young, normal, poor.

Angel Gabriel: Luke 1:28-30.

God is going to give the Christ-child to a teenager. This throws off Western-thought of children and adolescents.

Adolescent extension is anti-Godly.

To the youngens, “God is planting seeds into the will of your life now!”

It’s not about your kids. It’s about the will of God flowing through your kids.

“How will this be, since I am a virgin?” says Mary.

Luke, the Dr., records this pregnancy as a ‘God thing’

Mary: “I am the Lord’s servant.”

Observations about Mary

  • From out of nowhere God radically changed her world.
  • She would have no idea what this was going to mean for her life.
  • She entrusted herself fully to God and His will for her life.
  • She worshiped and praised God by faith in the midst of the unknown.

* Think about it from Mary’s point. What does this mean? What would it feel like? How would she provide? What would Joseph think?