7 Reasons People Leave the Church

  1. Culture is overprotective
  2. Sex is “repulsive”
  3. Anti-Science
  4. Exclusive peer groups
  5. Doubts aren’t spoken of
  6. Church seems shallow
  7. Lifestyle is too rigid

What did Jesus consistently do?

He served people.

People listened to Jesus because everywhere he went he went as a servant.

The church should be serving at people rather than screaming at people. When we serve we are opened up to become more spiritually mature.

Healthy volunteers

When cultivating a healthy volunteer culture it is important people know you care more about who they are than what they are doing.

Volunteering should not be about filling a gap in your church or organization. Volunteering and serving is about maturing as a person and growing closer to God.

Is your youth leader making this mistake?

Sometimes you look at a group of students hanging out at a church gathering and you wonder, which one is the leader?

The temptation of a youth leader is to be just like one of the kids.

Instead of fitting in on the outside, youth leaders are of better service by influencing what is going on inside. Listening, encouraging, teaching, and appropriately challenging are primary functions of a youth leader. None of that has to do with the style of your clothes.

Supporting Voices

To pass on a faith that lasts to the next generation, it’s important to enlist supporting voices.

As parents, your voice will always be the most important voice but it cannot be the only voice.

Think of the Old Testament families.  They were considered family all the way out to aunts and uncles. In Timothy’s life, Apostle Paul was a supporting voice to Lois and Eunice.

Parents have to be intentional about inviting other people to pour into the lives of their children. It is amazing how when someone else says the same thing that Mom and Dad say, it hits the children differently.

One of the most important things we can do as a church is to build up leaders who love people with an intergenerational mindset.