“Better.” Quotes and Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

Why isn’t it better?

The combination of fear and ignorance (two sides of the same coin) can be paralyzing.
– Seth Godin

A Dangerous Dance with the Dairy Queen

It’s somewhat surprising that though “gluttony” is listed in virtually all the medieval lists of the “seven deadly sins,” whenever I speak on it today I invariably have people come up to me who say, “I’ve never heard a preacher talk about this.”
– Gary Thomas, Prodigal Magazine

Teach Spiritual Lessons through Common Interest

There are many devotionals on the market written by all kinds of authors that are directed to a specific audience.  Because both of our children like sports we have used numerous sports devotionals over the years.  When the lessons are tied to something that interests your children they tend to pay more attention to what’s being said and it locks in their minds better.
– What Families Do

37 words about writing a book


Writing a book is simple. All you do is take a road trip to your soul and document the journey along the way for people who might need to take a road trip to their soul too.
Jon Acuff

The Secret Sauce of Teamwork

Staying together is a matter of recognizing the different strengths people bring to the table, and how they complement each other to make up a whole capability.
Heath Hall and Brett Thompson, Harvard Business Review

10 Signs You’re Not Reading Your Bible Enough

The preacher announces the sermon is from Genesis and you have to check the table of contents.
– Trey Morgan

wal-mart, my wallet, and smurf chapstick

Today I decided to buck up and get a few things I needed. It started raining as soon as we loaded up (of course). I got the kids inside the door of Wal-Mart, pulled out my list, and then went to look for my wallet. Hmm. I wondered outloud, “Where is my wallet?” as I dug in the diaper bag.
– The Hoskinson Household

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“It will take guts.” Quotes and Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

Confidence Without Guts

Too many MBAs are sent into the world with bravado and enthusiasm and confidence.
– Seth Godin


7 Steps to Becoming a Happy Person Others Want to be Around

Here are seven steps to reversing this pattern and becoming a happy person others trust and want to be around.
– Michael Hyatt


Talk to Me About Money

How you handle your money has a massive influence on how your children will handle their money.
– What Families Do

How Steve Jobs Promoted Collaboration and Creativity by Forcing Everyone to Share Restrooms

Jobs insisted there be only two bathrooms in the entire Pixar studios, and that these would be in the central space.
– Neatorama


Pursuing Your Dream without Quitting Your Commitments

The other night around midnight, I typed the final word into a Word document, attached it to an email, and hit “send.” Breathing a sigh of relief, I went to bed. Before falling asleep, I felt a small grin creep across my face.
– Jeff Goins, Prodigal Magazine


What Every Dad Should Know About His Daughter

It’s challenging to articulate the influence a father has on a little girl. How much of his attitude and actions toward her can determine her future relationships. I remember how much stock I placed in what my dad thought of me. I remember how much I wanted him to be proud of me. To affirm me. To show me my value.
– Orange Parents


Crisis Leadership: Are You Always Putting Out Fires?

Crisis situations require decisive action. Someone has to lead.
– Tony Morgan


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“But I’m Scared” Quotes and Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

Fear, Scarcity, and Value

The things we fear are probably feared by others, and when we avoid them, we’re doing what others are doing as well.
– Seth Godin

Entitled Parents

It’s so critical we combat entitlement in ourselves and our kids because entitlement kills our ability to experience two critical things in life: gratitude and joy. None of us would sign up our kids to live their lives without gratitude or joy, yet it’s surprising how many adults live without either. Entitlement does that.
– Orange Parents

How Star Women and Star Men Fare Differently in the Workplace

With today’s 101st anniversary of International Women’s Day, it’s a good time to reflect on how companies are doing with respect to their female employees.
– Harvard Business Review

12 Short Books Worth Reading

What I have learned from [years] of serious reading is this. It is sentences that change my life, not books. What changes my life is some new glimpse of truth, some powerful challenge, some resolution to a long-standing dilemma, and these usually come concentrated in a sentence or two.

The Big Five

In a culture where broken marriages are the norm, even in the church, greater weight needs to be placed on making sure that the stage is set for a successful relationship and establishing a foundation that won’t crack in the long run.
– Boundless

4 words that radically increase your odds of success

Your dream is different than mine. You want to write a song, open a business, get a promotion, or do a million other things that make your dream unique.  But, there is a pretty simple rule that applies to every dream on the planet.  It’s a lesson that governs every form of dream chasing. Here it is:
– Jon Acuff

The Awesome Power of Showing Appreciation

It doesn’t matter whether your office is a boardroom, classroom, or laundry room. There are people who do things for you every day. Employees, colleagues, and family are expected to do their part. Do they know that you appreciate them?
– Michael Hyatt

“How to Care” Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

1. “How’d it work out?”
“Doctors and consultants and builders are often hesitant to ask about how something worked long after the work is done. It feels like nothing but a chance to hear a complaint.”

 Seth Godin| Link

2. “The most common word at my house:”
“The questions come fast and while there are a few “what,” “when,” “where,” and “how” questions mixed in, “why” questions seem to dominate—at least at our place.”
Darren Rowse, ProBlogger | Link

3. “Why we don’t always tell the truth”
“From my experience, there are three fundamental concerns that cause people to shade the truth, either consciously or not. Being aware of these “lying triggers” can sometimes help to improve communication and reduce the feelings of mistrust.”
Ron Ashkenas, Harvard Business Review | Link

4. “10 ways to keep me engaged in your message”
“Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you are effectively sharing that wisdom.”
Tony Morgan | Link

5. “His will isn’t the point.”
“God isn’t the shortcut to your best life. He is your best life.”
Steven Furtick | Link

6. “Avoiding toolish behavior.”
“Is that a typo? Don’t I mean avoid FOOLISH behavior? It’s not a typo. In simple terms, if you want to last…don’t be a tool.”
Kurt Johnston | Link

7. “Five signs you lack integrity as a parent”
“We all want to see our kids become the kind of people we imagine they can become. To some degree we want to see that in their careers, but at the most basic level we want to see that in their character and heart.”
Carey Nieuwhof, Orange Parents | Link

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“Do I have to make it?” Quotes & Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

1. Meeting vs. Making
“As I was scurrying to meet someone coming in on the 11 am train, I realized that there’s a huge difference between meeting a train and making one.”
Seth Godin | Link

2. This is the secret to happiness as you get older
“Have you ever noticed that people become more of who they are as they get older? Over the years adversity chips away the exterior facade, leaving our true selves exposed.”
Michael Hyatt | Link

3. Big lessons from a small rug
“One of perfection’s greatest lies is that you can’t do something until you know you can do it perfectly.”
Jon Acuff | Link

4. Why we give some people the benefit of the doubt.
“There are two kinds of people who live in a house: People who leave the lights on, and people who turn lights off after others who have left the room and forgotten to.”
Carey Nieuwhof, Orange Parents | Link

5. Is my pet going to heaven?
“Today’s teens are wanting to know that God cares for animals just as much as they do.”
Jeremy Zach | Link

6. You can’t do communion alone
“The very word communion has the same root word as community, with a different suffix. Just like you can’t be in a community alone you can’t experience communion alone.”
Adam McLane | Link

7. Don’t confuse passion with competence
“Passion only matters if it leads to an innovation that delivers impact, whether that impact is measured in revenues, profits, improved process performance, or something entirely differently.”
Scott Anthony, Harvard Business Review | Link

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