The Power of Choice

When people have the ability to act on their own, they are capable of making enormous sacrifices.

For instance, healthcare professionals have known for decades that if you give patients control over their own IV-administered painkillers, they’ll use less than when painkillers are provided by a nurse.

Give people a choice, and they’ll step up to the plate.

10 things I’m thankful for on my 10th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Liz,

On our 10th Wedding Anniversary, I want to tell you that I’m thankful for…

10. How you said, “Yes!” Even though I had no ring for you when I proposed.

9. Our parents, who supported us from the start of this crazy adventure. And I mean crazy.

8. That pre-marital counseling meeting when we eliminated the “D” word from our vocabulary.

7. Our seven children.

6. The “Speaking Spoon” we had during our first year of marriage.

5. The multiple times per day when you put up with my dumb jokes.

4. Your work ethic.

3. Never having a TV in our bedroom.

2. Your commitment to know Jesus and grow in your understanding of His love for you.

1. How you choose to love me. Every. Single. Day.

Happy Anniversary!